Hues of Spring

Under a wide armed tree a lovely lady stood for her saudade love
watching the hovering white clouds above
Longing for her love would blossom in pink
But her pleadings, or yearnings never came in sink

A whiff of soft breeze tried to blossom her cheeks to red
A flutter of butterflies strolled every bud to bud
Blades of green grass poked her soft toes
Cradling orchids cuddled her grieving heart which are filled all over the meadows

Tempest sun on the sight of her switched it’s hue to crimson
Chimes of birds surrounded her in the long run
To cheer up her, to make a move and dwell in nature’s sway
A glorious smile blommed by the sight of a young deer play

Hues of spring wished her love would spring once again
Larks on trees chorused Amen!

#nature#ColoursofSummer #lostlove

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